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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow here's a look at today's top stories and a review of the week political and economic heavyweights on the pacific rim vowed to brand europe's debt crisis from spreading the presidents of russia and the u.s. meet on the sidelines of a apec summit to discuss missile defense syria and russia's future in the w t o. two countries watched their governments fall at the height of the debt crisis with italy's prime minister silvio berlusconi resigning and greece swearing in a new hat of cabinet. that you want atomic watchdog luis's satellite images and
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letters which allegedly global iran to be building a bomb iran says the accusations are fabricated and politicize. and police investigate fresh clashes in northern ca so after nato peacekeepers fired tear gas i asked nick served at a disputed border crossing. next artie's special report reveals how toxic the american pharmaceutical industry and its pursuit of profit stay with us. you thousand and two the top ten drug companies in america made more profits than four hundred ninety of america's wealthiest companies combined helping raise profits are cancer drugs which in two thousand and five alone rose nearly sixteen percent compared to three percent for other prescriptions. today an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month. the pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget
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on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and administration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in washington d.c. and members of congress food and drugs act in the united states and in food and drugs in canada are not being a budget. this is a very serious problem this is been the fight that i have fought for now for the last twenty years in canada and together with my colleagues and my union and a lot of other people and as a result a breeze through a farce ultimately were fired by health canada four years they took to build up this piece and ultimately fired us and saying we should buy everything that america passes a new sink we cannot we are
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a country we are sovereign country we have to solve or not none of us refused to conduct our work if this insubordination to pass drugs of questionable safety or harmful products then of course we want to be in support if that's the way it is let the canadian government see them that this is what they're fighting us for the companies pressure to get is fired this where the longer the weird the more time they get to continue doing what they're doing. they have got at least ten years and it may take longer to keep selling the same stuff and damaging the health of people who make profit on the backs of people's health that was the insubordinate. to him
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. the it's the same chemical companies that brought us custom sides chlorine and dioxins i've known work on a new frontier biotechnology. this new technology has been used to transfer genes from one organism to another and has subsequently enabled companies to patent and own the organisms that they genetically modify that means that seeds plants and even trees which are modified using this technology can be privately owned by corporations for the first time in history. all right i'll sleep with what they're much i want
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a player and as for some safety. they said well yeah we've got some but the image that expensive seat is how much all that a lot of that what it was now but they was quite a bit over and. i didn't sylar graeme with them they didn't ask me styling because somebody asked them bottom that somebody had done bottom and kill them out and bought a mat so our government plans they said you can legally have quite classified alltop but that's our deal as i want the end of that plant and then i display more with the last flick i want i don't want to call it rather just a small solace. but anyway i saved. and that was when most i like on them that. you know they said they got a patent on it there's no you can't have it but no it's a cause mother nature bottom line so the guys at the seed he said he forgot to have
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you sign a license and just said here's a new bag a seat in the state was brought back by somebody else somebody doesn't sound awful they want to get rid of because they didn't want people in the mode where most not a lawyer they got a deposition or they didn't really get back to sleep as a star. i don't labor rate a bag say because i'm be too busy working and stuff like it and then trying to keep it running here is the no sour grape that was forged by one of most are represented that's not my hand right that's a nice my hand right right there this is my hand right now right here. that's my hand right there is that look anything it cost me five thousand dollars to prove that that was not my man right and judge right is simple would not allow this to be
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and the region's our justice system literally sucks. it's just a corrupt company perfectly. mr rolfe was fined over two point nine million dollars per count infringement in regards to saving seats. the district judge in mr ailes case was rodney simple a former attorney who worked at the law firm that represents monsanto and who is listed as one of monsanto's attorneys in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven class action lawsuit. from two thousand two thousand and eight he said was the judge in eleven cases of which monsanto was the plaintiff or defendant the eleven cases were ruled in monsanto's favor. i found that the original research grants came from the new york foundation and that was the rockefeller foundation and that they had spent over one hundred
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million dollars of their foundation money to finance scientists around the world to do research to genetically modify some of the basic food seeds of the human food chain in the animal food chain and the more i researched into this the more i found that three maybe four companies if you include the swiss sent them to but three main companies and one among them was dominant and that's monsanto that these what i call in the book the four horsemen of the apocalypse these private seed companies they were originally chemical companies stupid poised within five or ten years at the rate they were going to dominate the basic seeds and patent those scenes that much power concentrated into four corporate entities three of whom have decades long track record of fraud deception lying to the public about the dangers of the
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dangers of agent orange and vietnam war and after and so for. that really set off the alarm bells for me. i got involved in the g.m. issue because you know it was a new technology bringing up again please of us still see them as ultimately. i was the only but this is important that she took part in four years of trawling. they were the monsanto of the grave as a gentlemen they were all in this grouping in the agreement to the father the trial work which all told the two hundred sixty all different i mean not just cannot if we did string and windsor and i did both a on the farm collector
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a gross spring right occasionally when i have to when i have a failure in the winter so i did both of those draws almost all for three years the other side did the first year as a winter protocol the of and i decided to exactly how they are with us at the trial of. a given type of loan to realize that these walls are potentially simpler way to fall therefore it was cheaper therefore we could double benefits that could be seen to be bad to be passed on if he's chafer made to grow and if the price of the end product came down i could still produce it isn't after the end of the doubtful to make of knowledge and whatever i'm doing as it happened is because of the technology we were also following the g.m. crops yielded a bit more than the collection called in the same field under otherwise similar management because i was doing a little. after what now thirteen years of crops in the field the theory is that. we have
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a herbicide tolerant tree that will reduce the demand for her size and we have a beach at trait that will protect farmers are pretty across from some does some tests that's the theory. even that can't be proven finally at this stage and there is still a constant battle union yang going on between researchers and the companies does show whether or not this really does work or not. we're not seeing increased food production we're not seeing increased benefits to farmers in terms of their pression costs we don't seem proved nutritional qualities in our inner our table so there really isn't a clear benefit. everywhere
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you go this is seems like a good new machine that is sure to have to apply for grants. to come from. companies on campuses the. just students from beginning. can do a ph d. and on what subject and whether they can publish those materials because they're
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now owned by the us so it's wherever you go there is this kind of corruption going on this is not science. people who want a ministry. are not competent or even qualified or educated in science these are accountants these are lawyers these are m.b.a.'s is that anything but scientists this room was something to have become part of the uk. what do you think about genetically modified food it's interesting john yeah i think it's definitely safe but as long as there's regulation there's been research and everything there's. no research showing that it's not safe or that there's any difference between it and regular not modify for scholarships they give us there's
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lots yeah lots from it cardio. but yeah all the different chemical companies and everything like that for sure. so yeah they're getting involved in there's definitely have. a presence on campus for sure. it is the first time in the history of mankind that we have been able to engineer the genetic inheritance of living beings a man it would be wise to ask if there are side effects and to check on them when you insert artificial genes anywhere by bombarding an organism the plants general metabolism can be affected it could be terrible. if somebody could prove that g.m. moves are dangerous a really good. course. would be very positive because he would have arguments that nobody else has. as long. as nobody has got them and. it's better to go for thinking that. there is no reason why this should be big.
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monsanto made p.c.p. is they were a huge chemical company and they own ninety percent of the biotechnology patents so we took some of those g.m. corn i was part of the commission which was assessing this corn. and we said where are the blood tests firstly the tests on rats didn't go beyond three months which was crazy they concealed the results not from the commission but from the public there were effects many others in the commission said you know it doesn't matter what we said we must at least start over but we didn't so we asked it to be made public we had to go to a court of appeal monsanto went before the courts to stop the world scientists and the general public from seeing the blood tests on rats they're genetically modified corn for only three months. because you can you imagine that. the world's
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largest company which sells the most herbicide and which sells virtually the most g.m. seeds in the world goes to court to prevent disclosing blood test results of rats who ate their g.m.o. foods for only three months that's crazy. so we published the effects that we had observed there was a forty eight percent increase in fats a ten percent increase in sugar in the females an increase in liver where an increase in body which. resembled a pre-diabetic symptoms the rats urine samples were abnormal particularly in the male rats the rats lost wits and their livers were affected. in the past thirty years there have been no government tests. all the world's drugs are only tested by pharmaceutical companies the same goes for pesticides.
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in the late one nine hundred ninety s. patrick to go but see that his local organic supplier the seeds turned out to be contaminated with dmoz so he filed a complaint to uncover where the contamination originated but in two thousand and one the case was dropped mr pickard school was then contacted by a group of american farmers to join them in a class action lawsuit against monsanto dupont dow chemical astra zeneca and novartis international accusing them of engaging in any trust activities and failure to test for human health and environmental safety coincidently the judge was rightly simple the same judge as in mr ross case the case was ruled in favor of the chemical companies. gene in my field was a patent and monsanto gene which was sold to me in seeds by as a girl which is
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a monsanto subsidiary i agreed to take part in a class action lawsuit in the united states so in two thousand i went to washington d.c. to testify and to answer the questions asked by monsanto's lawyers all day they asked questions such as do you know your neighbors names how much tax do you pay and where nothing to do with g.m. seeds. i tended to the meeting for the ministry of agriculture recently during which they tried to impose on a bill for a ministerial order for coexistence to terminate a twenty five yard distance between two fields of corn. that means that my neighbor consoled g.m. crops twenty five yards away from my field and yet we officially proved in two thousand and six and two thousand and seven plant three hundred yards away was contaminated. maybe there's not much organic corn today. maybe there is someone
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with five acres of organic corn surrounded by people with five hundred acres of g.m. corn. so he's not important you can just die out that's the situation if you're small you don't matter that make room for those who will feed the world. big farmers and i grew managers will feed the world having poisoned it for years it's unbelievable their objective is obvious they want to sell the seeds and the herbicide with it as the same company makes them both the objective is to liberate the farmer or to make them independent it isn't to make a better product for the consumer. we're the problem is pesticides and g.m. owes. what does eating g.m. food do to our d.n.a. chain to our cells and to our children cells we don't know.
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for the past twelve years genetically modified crops have been growing on a large scale around the world they feed both us and our animals we haven't observed any problems due to g.m. consumption either direct or indirect this french farmer is completely self-sufficient along with four hundred fifty million other farmers worldwide the practice is organic cultural farming compared to conventional chemical agriculture this type of farming produces soil with three times more earthworms produces eighty percent more yields in developing nations and fruits and vegetables that are up to forty percent more nutritious studies even show that this type of organic farming could feed today's population and more so why do governments still give the majority of subsidies to conventional chemical farming companies claim we need g.m. crops to feed the world. if this is the case then why in america where g.m.
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crops have been commercialized the longest are thirty five million americans still food insecure. so you know next period if you experiment with something without any follow up it's almost criminal or fable questacon you know because what we're doing isn't very serious remotest you don't feel it yet that's what every government has done because biotechnology is their religion they think it will develop so that it will be goods while but that's just a belief because of it will be yeah it's just like when we were told the earth was flat or you get rather than the reality t.v. here in the reality. there's someone from the european union commission explained it to my wife
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at the time they didn't hear it it sure was my right she does they tell you my name say she's a professor part of the it's not a professor of history they explained it to her that. if it if they had repeated the study a fad syphilis things that we thought. they would be able to hush it up again this runs it was bad enough. twice it's so most impossible what i had regarded or so as the most important think of studies is that there is an immune response. and in each case since then whatever the dia was they looked at the indian status of the us they were that it was just when you looked at
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the rat who had been having a g.m. in the clip that was illuminated and that we wouldn't have expected if the g.m. is substantially equivalent and i was the same then the length should be identical but they weren't so vocal who all and the sternal cracked the lining was growing it was thick and so we thought this was evidence that there was a growth factor at work if you apply that to a transitional lesion and human for example with the lower end of the a surface if you applied a growth factor the very then you might estimate the development of malignancy at the leura of your surface and similarly in the stomach thus once again transitional lesions there which i'm normally able to time to develop in the council the gut and its image system regards this as
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a fourteen material it's almost like an infection it's not an infection but if the immune system just sees something coming in as strange for it and it has to react to it i just think that. it was highly irresponsible. forced on us something that was not properly exile did. and we are made to. be exposed to it that's highly irresponsible or in fact i would say that it's probably criminal but they have the sense to be monsanto.
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bayer dupont dow chemical. and astra zeneca declined to be interviewed for this. a. six.
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six. thank you. thanks rick.
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from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand separate home is not enough inpatient beds not in the third emergency department beds and not enough nurses from nando's that's to take care of all the people. only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to turn it around so i started out i want to just do
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firefighting that's about eighty two percent of what we do the for the problem this medical had to rescue a couple weeks ago waited for hours for i've waited sometimes three hours but i wouldn't say it's a frances and living with her for hours and fifteen minutes standing against a wall with a patient we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care and it emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. discovery speed. communication with the.


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